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OPTIMAT Innovation Network


SAFINA is a proud founding member of the international innovation network focused on materials for additive manufacturing. Among the members of the innovation network are important research organizations and industrial enterprises in the European Union.

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing will have a significant impact on the production of the future and will open up a wide range of new possibilities that will result in higher efficiency and lifetime of individual components and entire technological units. Additive manufacturing allows an enormous flexibility and a design freedom and has become an indispensable manufacturing technology in some industries. However, most of the used materials were originally developed for other manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing processes often have specific properties and they are not optimally adapted for many of these materials.

OPTIMAT: Kick-off meeting (EurA AG)

This is where the OPTIMAT network (currently brings together 25 companies) and research organizations) comes into play which supports research and development (R&D) of new materials optimized for additive manufacturing and their industrialization. In this context, not only process modifications of already known and used materials will be analyzed and optimized, but also new materials will be developed that can take advantage of the properties of additive processes. The main emphasis is placed on the development of new materials, atomization and optimization of new materials for specific applications and production technologies. Other topics are the economic efficiency of processes, recycling and reuse of materials according to the circular economy concept, and the lowest possible impact of the production and the usage of these materials on the environment. Join us!

Source: Safina, a.s.