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Giving every grain a purpose

We give purpose to every grain of powder produced not only in additive manufacturing but also thanks to subsequent recycling so that the impact on the environment is as small as possible.


Our powders and components advance the possibilities in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare or manufacturing industries. During our activities, we take a responsible and systematic approach to the solution of individual projects with regard to the needs of our customers.

We focus on a wide range of activities in the field of production and recycling of non-ferrous and precious metals. Our priority is the development and production of gas atomised non-ferrous alloys, which we offer for a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies.



We want to be a leading supplier of gas-atomized non-ferrous metal alloys for additive manufacturing and an important service provider in the field of additive manufacturing of non-ferrous and precious metal alloys. We want to dynamically develop together with the entire additive manufacturing industry and provide the necessary innovations for the further growth of the entire industry and our customers.

Our vision is to be a global supplier of the highest quality materials and services that can withstand even the most demanding projects.

Our values

Odpovědnost Responsibility

We look to legitimate and ethical sources and regularly review our supply chain.

Důvěryhodnost Credibility

We build on tradition and many years of experience, which we have been gathering since 1860.

Kvalita Quality

We constantly improve the properties of our products using advanced technologies and innovative procedures.

Company history


Founding of the company by Georg Adam Schneid


The national company Safina is founded in Vestec


We start producing thermocouples


Safina becomes a private company


We start producing targets


We expand to the USA


We start producing metal powders for 3D printing


100 years in Czech Republic


Installation of the first 3D printer for copper alloys.

SAFINA as a partner in precious metals.

Safina has a broad portfolio of services and products specializing in precious metals. Explore the company's full range of products.

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